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Year 6


Welcome to Year 6 with Miss Bowler, Mr Allan, Mrs Reynolds

LSAs - Ms Spicer and Miss Becker



Term 6


What a wonderful start to Term 6. The last term for our cohort in primay education. We hope it's the best ever. We couldn't be happier with all the hard work the children have done so far!
It doesn't seem to stop for Year 6! One half of the year group have been with 'Into University' visiting @Bristol and the Withywood Centre learning all about evolution. Ask all your children about how horses have changed over the last 34 million years. The children who have been at school have been designing and constructing their own bridges and creating art projects. Some of us have also been starting our transitions into secondary school which is very exciting.
Not long until camp!

Term 5


It has been another amazing term in Year 6!

Half of us have spent time at 'Into University' learning all about science. We got to visit @Bristol and the University of Bath. Some of our students also went to visit the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, as part of Room 13. The rest of our children did some amazing writing this term as well. I know we keep saying it but we are so proud of the work ethic of Year 6 this year.

Thank you!

Term 4

Reading, Writing and Maths

In Year 6, we have been revising everything we know about the equivalence between decimals, fractions and percentages. We have finally published our stories about Finn and Cora – some of them at 10 pages long! Year 6 have been working so hard in all the subjects and deserve a well-earned break before term 5 begins. For those children who are coming, don’t forget Easter school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings next week. Make sure you work through the SAT buster books we have given you! Not long to go!!

Term 3

Harry Potter

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to all our pupils and parents/carers. We can't wait to give 2017 our best learning yet.

The writing has been phenomenal this term already and we can only hope for more!

In Maths, the children have been covering fractions,  the four operations and converting decimals into percentages. We are impressed that they continue to apply their ever-increasing mathematical knowledge.



This term in year 6 we have been really focused on our grammar and our maths skills.

We have loved our mega Mondays and terrible Tuesdays when we have had extra maths in the afternoon.

We might have snaffled a biscuit or two as well.

We have been looking at light as our topic; it has been lots of fun playing with torches. Especially creating shadows from our body parts. Elise and Liam made some very interesting shadows. During these investigations we learnt about how and why shadows change.


Ask your children about the translucency of different objects and how the distance from a light source affects the size and shape of a shadow. 



A very warm welcome to Year 6 at Hareclive!

We are thrilled to start another year off with a fantastic cohort of children which we have heard so many wonderful things about. 

In Year 6, the different adults who work in this year group will all be part of your child's learning. We want to get the best out of each and every child but we also expect their very best efforts in learning.

Let's get ready...Set...Go!

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