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Welcome to year 5 with Mrs Conway, Miss Skelton and Miss Broadbent 

LSA - Miss Barton

5FC       5BS



Year five had a fun start to the term. They have learnt the story of Skillywidden which is about a man who is tricked by a Cornish pixie. We have spent a morning designing and creating pixie gardens. They look fantastic. In Maths, the children have been learning more about fractions and are becoming much more confident in finding fractions of numbers. In RE the children enjoyed completing a jigsaw map to show where Islam was founded.




Year 5 really enjoyed the Wow morning, making Viking shields and swords. They particularly liked using them to recreate a battle scene from Beowulf.

Both classes have had their IntoUniversity focus day at the Withywood centre this term. They had lots of fun researching and carrying out activities about the Vikings. These included Viking writing, an artefact treasure hunt, layout of Viking settlements, a debate about whether or not they should invade and making model ships.

Lots of year 5 children attended the premiere of the Unique Voice/Crimestoppers film at Ashton Gate (see photo). All children received a t-shirt and a medal in recognition of the excellent work they put in over the programme in term 4.




This term year five have been studying coasts in geography. The children had a fantastic time on our trip to Weston-Super-Mare. They had lots of fun finding sea creatures in the rock pools and playing on the beach. The science topic of Earth And Space has really inspired and motivated the children. They enjoyed finding out facts about the solar system and writing about space in English. In Maths the children have enjoyed learning about measures, shapes and statistics. Throughout the term Unique Voice has held drama sessions with the children every Friday afternoon which have been thoroughly enjoyable and very educational. The final filming session took place in the last week of term.the filming took place for the finale of the Unique Voice drama program. The children enjoyed writing their own space poems in English using lots of interesting vocabulary. In Maths they worked hard to construct different types of graphs and identify three dimensional shapes.


Year 5 made delicious  winter vegetable soup in DT.  


Year 5 children were super team-builders for our WOW day. They were asked to design and build a winning product to sell in our very own class market to start our English theme in term 3.

Term 3
World War 2
This term we are finding out about the Second World War. We will look at major events that took place during the war and how it impacted upon people at home in Britain. In Science and DT we will be investigating forces and mechanisms. In English we will be learning, writing and adapting the story of The Old Man and The Donkey. Then we will look at persuasive writing which will include letters, leaflets and advertising. In Maths we will spend several weeks looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. Then we will move on to measures. The children really benefit from practical experience at using measuring equipment so anything they can do at home with weighing scales, rulers and measuring jugs would be greatly appreciated.

Term 2
Yosemite National Park
Year 5 studied Yosemite National Park in USA for our geography theme. We looked at its history, landscape, climate and how the park is used today. In Science we studied the life cycles of different types of animals and plants. In English we looked at the story of Bedd Gelert, which is a very famous story in Wales.


Ancient Greeks

This term Year 5 have focused on life as an Ancient Greek and how the work of those people has influence the modern world.


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