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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 with Miss White and Ms Heath

LSA - Miss Evans

4GW and 4BH




 Our final term in Year 4 and what a brilliant year we've had so far! 

The children will learn about the Docks in Bristol as well as learning about the Great Brunel. Our Year 4s are so enthusiastic about History and Geography, we will also be exploring the Slave Trade and its importance to Bristol.

In English, the children will innovate the text, 'The King of Birds'. Our WOW day was brilliant because the attitudes of our learners really focused on making wishes and becoming part of the story. Well done Year  4. 


The United Kingdom

This term the children have been learning about what is special and important for the UK. We love how interested they all are about the history of these isles.

Year 4 have been innovating their own myth based around 'The Legend of the Green Children'. In maths we have been looking at division and have managed to use the bus stop method and even solved one step word problems involving dividing.

We have really enjoyed investigating in our Electricity topic and have produced some weird and wonderful circuits that have contained light bulbs, buzzers motors and switches!


South America

We are very excited about Term 4 in Year 4! This is because we will all be exploring the beautiful countries located in South America.  

Year 4 have been making a super attempt at writing our own poems which included rhyming words.

In maths we have been having a go at 'finding all possibilities'. Some of these tasks were super hard but we persevered!

We also each grew our own cress and put cling film on top of the tubs to recreate our very own water cycle. 


The Shang Dynasty

We are ready to kick off 2017 with some great independent learning. 

The children have been focused on our T4W story 'Hamelin' - Some lovely innovations have been written.

We have also been learning about China - a very important aspect too! The Shang Dynasty was a time of absolutely fascinating adventure and super intelligent number systems. The children have taken to this topic so well and have created some beautiful work for our class displays.


Natural Disasters

What another wonderful term in year 4. The children have settled in so well into 4GW and 4BH. We are so pleased they have taken on the responsibility of learning and reading at home.  They are looking forward to a long restful Christmas break. 


We would like to wish you a warm welcome to Year 4! 

We can't wait to get started this term to get to know our parents and pupils who join us this term.

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