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Year 3


Welcome to Year 3 with Mr Edwards, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Rees

LSA- Miss Serratosa

3OE and 3CTHR


Term 6
This term our topic is Volcanoes.  We are already finding out information and facts to share with our classes.  We are off to The Natural History Museum at the end of June where we will be taking part in volcano and earthquake workshops.  Our science topic is stones and rocks so we are hoping to find out lots of information to bring back to work on.
We had a great wow day at the start of term for our new story 'Lazy Leo'.  We made pockets, vessels to hold water and ways to hold an animal on our head.  Most of the items were very successful and the team work was amazing.
Term 5
The Stone Age
During this term we studied the Stone Age period.  Our favourite part was learning about Skara Brae where Stone Age houses were found in The Orkney Islands.  We wrote diary entries and newspaper articles about the discovery.  We also made Stone Age houses and drew pictures that may have been found on walls.
We have continued our story writing and have been really concentrating on getting our grammar and punctuation correct.
In Maths we have been practising our doubles and halves and using them in calculations, telling the time and multiplying and dividing.

Term 4


In Year 3 this term we have been studying all things chocolate. We have been learning all about the history, production, advertising and marketing of chocolate. We even made our own chocolates and added ingredients that we chose ourselves - they were delicious!
The highlight of Term 4 was our visit to Cadbury World in Birmingham. We had a lovely time learning about the history and production of Cadbury chocolate and how advertising had changed over the years. We were lucky enough to sample chocolate and ride on the 4D rollercoaster. 
The staff at Cadbury World were highly complimentary of the behaviour of the children of the day - well done Year 3



This term the children have been learning about journeying through tropical rainforests.



Year 3 have had a fantastic term. During the exciting weeks we have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians,  focusing on the ways they lived, the impact they have had in modern society and learning some very gruesome facts! We have been designing clay car touches inscribed with hieroglyphics, pyramid silhouettes and ancient necklaces . 
We started the term learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Through using actions we learnt the story thoroughly and we were able to retell and improve changing characters and settings. We then grew garden beans from seed and created a set of instructions. Because we were so fabulous at writing instructions  we also did the same for preparing the mummy. 
We cannot wait for 2017!



This term, the children have settled in so well to learning in Year 3. The children are adjusting to sitting at tables and using their new environment to get the best of their learning in books.

Our topic this term is 'Explorers'. We started off the topic with a WOW day to introduce it and that really got the children excited to find out more. We can't wait to see what they'll explore now...

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