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year 1

Welcome to Year 1 with Miss Battson and Miss Williams

LSA - Mrs Feltham

1LB & 1JW




Our topic is 'We're all going on holiday'. We have pretended to visit lots of places around the world and we had to make sure we packed the correct things into our suitcases by thinking of the climate, the places we visited included Jamaica and Greenland!

We then went on to make postcards about the places that we learnt about.

We are all very excited about our trip to Weston on the 5th July and this week we received from breaking news that their has been a sea monster discovery! We had the opportunity to create our very own sea monster by using our fantastic imagination and creativity.



This term Year One will be learning all about pirates!

We have been retelling a diary of a pirate, we have been able to include all the facts we have been learning about pirates in our topic this term! In maths we have been consolidating our knowledge of addition and subtraction and have applied what we have learnt to solve a range of different problems. We will now be moving on to multiplication and division.
We are really pleased to see many more children reading daily at home, and this is reflected in the number of children now gaining a range of different coloured karate bands! Keep it up!
Last week we were lucky enough to take part in a gardening session. With the Rhubarb  that we picked, we made an oat based Rhubarb crumble this week, we all thought it was delicious!


Where Do We Live?

This term, Year 1 have explored what is special about our local community, the interesting locations in Bristol and much more about the country we all live in. 

Welcome back and Happy 2017!
We have loved hearing all about what they did in the Christmas holidays. 
In Maths we are learning to count forwards and backwards from any number to 100 and children will use this information to solve our “missing hat” crime! In English we have started to learn our new story “Monkey see, Monkey do” which the children really enjoy. We really hope children are using their story maps to tell the story at home! For our WOW day we made our own hats and went on a hat parade which was so much fun and was a brilliant start to a new term!
As part of our topic “the important jobs that people do” two local community police officers came into Year 1 and told us all about their job. The children got to see a pretend crime scene, help collect evidence and interview suspects. To finish the afternoon they all got to have their fingers prints taken! The children had a brilliant time, and it was a fantastic way to launch our new topic!


Houses and Homes


Our WOW day was absolutely WOW! The children were brilliant; joining in with every activity and sharing their ideas with their friends. We were all astounding astronauts for the day! We even made our very own rockets. We imagined them shooting up high into the sky! 



Once Upon A Time

This term the children are settling into their first term in Year 1 and we are so excited to get started! 

The children have been exploring different tales as well as taking part in role-play and drama to re-tell the stories we have been reading and writing about.


Children in 1JW on task and having fun!

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