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The Early Years Team

Welcome to the EYFS team with Miss Thomas and Miss Cush

LSAs - Miss Morris, Mrs Lewis, and Miss Hand

Nemo Class and Dory Class


We are having a Reading/Phonics meeting on the 5th October 2017. 

Our topic this term is 'Ourselves'

The story we are focusing on is 'Harry and the Dinosaurs'. 

Every week, we give out Homework on a Monday and expect the children to complete it and return it to school the following Monday.

We also give out a weekly newsletter but it will always be uploaded to this page too. 

We can't wait to get started!

Welcome to another year in Reception.

We welcome all the children into our new class names

- Nemo and Dory.

In Nemo class, we have Miss Thomas (Class teacher) and Miss Morris.

In Dory class, we have Miss Cush (Class teacher), Mrs Lewis and Miss Hand.




Folly Farm Trip




Term 6


Summer is here!

This term the children are learning about Fairytales. We will be writing our own stories and creating crazy castles to show off our beautiful princesses and daring knights. 

Term 5


Spring continues...

Reception children have been learning about Lifecycles. We have had some very special and fluffy guests in the class incubators. We are creating a log and keeping a watchful eye on the chicks to keep them safe and more importantly, watch them grow. The children have been asking really amazing questions and can't wait to find out how they feed and grow.

Term 4

Under the Sea, Space and Jungle Animals


This term the children have explored lots under our three topics; Under the Sea, Space and Jungle Animals. 

We loved our trip to the Zoo! The children were so well-behaved as they walked around the areas exploring. They were listening really well to our 'Special Talk' and even danced a 'Jungle Boogie!' They learnt lots about different jungle animals - big and small.



This week we went on a lovely winter walk. We spoke about the five different senses. We smelled the air, touched frost on the leaves, heard lots of tweeting birds, saw ice on the water tray and even tasted really cold water! The children were absolutely fantastic at following instructions and sharing their ideas with everybody. After our walk, we shared what we saw and felt during a carpet time session. The children independently made a story map of their winter walk and stuck pieces of nature that they found on their walk too. We are so proud of our children getting stuck in with their learning

Term 3 
This term in Reception we are learning all about Winter and Transport. We have already been on a Winter walk and talked about all the changes that we have noticed in our environment since we went on our Autumn walk. We collected natural materials to create Winter Walk pictures, creating different textures and effects. We learnt about penguins who like to live in cold places and used describing words to create penguin shape poems.
Soon we will be thinking about the different types of transport we use to get to school and out and and about. We will be designing our own transport and writing lists of the materials we will need. Then we will use our designs to build our very own 3D models, using a range of different materials. We will also be using a time machine to transport us back in time to visit the dinosaurs! 
In maths we are learning all about money and will use our new knowledge to buy train, aeroplane and bus tickets in our role play areas! 
We are continuing to learn our letters and sounds and will be thinking about how two letters go together to make one sound. We will be using our new knowledge to write lists, captions and fact files



Our topic this term is 'Light & Shadows'. Children will be investigating how we can make shadows using different light sources. 

We will also spend a week learning about Diwali - a Hindu festival that celebrates all things Lights!  The children will create Diva lamps and craft lanterns to celebrate.

We have introduced our new phonics scheme 'Song of Sounds' into Reception and our children are loving singing the rhymes and writing their new sounds everywhere they go. We are seeing some lovely mark-making and continue to provide opportunities for our children to express their new learning in and out of the classroom.


The children have settled into Reception so well and we are incredibly proud of all the learning that we see in and out of the classroom. Thank you to parents and carers for your continued support in your child's learning journey.




We are so excited to start the year with our new Reception cohort. We can't wait for the children to see their new classrooms and learn all the key skills to be independent learners and have fun!

This term is a great opportunity for us all to get to know each other and make new friends through play and learning together. 

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