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Reading and Phonics



Dear parents/carers,

At Hareclive E-Act Academy this year, we are hoping to increase the amount of reading that is being done by students at home because regular reading really boosts the children’s progress across all areas of the curriculum!

Hareclive have been lucky this year as we have been able to buy a new reading scheme. Oxford Reading Tree is our new scheme for reading and we have replenished all the year groups reading books. We have stocked the shelves with phonics books, classic tales and a huge variety of non-fiction books for all years! More detail will follow in the coming weeks to aid your own understanding of the ways in which your children will progress through the scheme.

We hope that the new reading books foster a new love of reading for the children and therefore, to help celebrate children reading at home, we are introducing Reading Karate.

What Reading Karate entails: 

  • The children will read at home and record this in their reading records.
  • If the children have read 20 times at home (signed by an adult) they will achieve their first reading karate band. The children will need to show their teacher their reading diary to be given the band.
  • Please number your reads so it is clear when you reach 20.
  • After another 20 reads they will collect their next band.
  • It would be particularly useful if parents and carers number the times the children read in their reading record to help keep count of the number of times the children read.
  • This will continue throughout the year so they can work through each colour of reading karate:
  • White, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown and then black.


We hope you enjoy reading at home and collecting the bands.


Emily Bowler

Year 6 Class Teacher

English subject Coordinator

Reading Recovery


In Phonics we are now using a scheme across Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 called Song of Sounds.

Song of Sounds teaches the children all of their sounds to read and write through a catchy song and rhythmic actions.

Please click the link below to hear the song and see the sounds.

WARNING! It will get stuck in your head.


The Scheme of work is split up into 3 stages.

Stage 1 covers Reception and goes through all of the initial 26 sounds of the alphabet and the first set of simple diagraphs such as the combination letters ss, ll, and ch, sh and th.

Stage 1 song below.

Below are the Stage 1 sounds and tricky words that the children will learn.

Here is the Stage 1 powerpoint that plays alongside the song if you want sing-a-long at home.

Stage 2 get covered in Year 1 and goes on to look at more of the variations of sounds. for example all of the different ways the 'A' sound can be made (a_e, ai, ay)

Stage 2 song below.

Below are all of the sounds in Stage 2 and the tricky words the children will learn.

Here is the Stage 2 powerpoint that plays alongside the song if you want sing-a-long at home.

Stage 3 gets covered in Year 2 and consolidates everything the children have learned whilst also exposing them to some of the more complex sound patterns such as the s sound being represented by (se and ce)

Stage 3 song below.

Here are the Stage 3 sounds and tricky words the children will learn.

Here is the Stage 3 powerpoint that plays alongside the song if you want sing-a-long at home.

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