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Sharon Jones - Healthy Schools Lead
Sharon Jones - Healthy Schools Lead

Everyone at Hareclive is working incredibly hard to be Sugar Smart, please take a look.




We are working towards renewing The Mayors Award  for Excellence as a Health Improving School. To achieve this award there are 28 standards that we need to meet. These standards cover a range of topics including:

PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education. This includes relationships and sex education)

If you would like to be part of our journey to improve health and happiness at Hareclive E-ACT Academy please let Sharon Jones know via the school office. E-mail: receptionHCL@e-act.org.uk (and mark FAO Sharon Jones).
There will be lots of projects running throughout the year and we are looking for your ideas and help e.g. with gardening, cooking,  sports clubs, helping with displays, etc..
Do you have a business or know of a business that would be willing to sponsor a project e.g. toothbrushes for our dental care project; planters to set up our own garden to grow vegetables; new water bottles for all our children; sports coaches; etc….there are so many possibilities! 
If you have any contacts or a desire to be involved please get in touch.

Here is our amazing outdoor space!

We have focussed a lot on active travel to school.

Here is our Student Voice through our Associate Governors

We are currently growing our own healthy food in our gardening club.

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