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My name is Kate Richardson. I am the new Headteacher here at Hareclive E-ACT Academy.

Most recently, I was Headteacher at Greenfield EACT Academy and before that I was Deputy and then Acting Headteacher at Headley Park Primary School - both schools in South Bristol. 

Most importantly, I have two children, twin boys. I have very high expectations of anyone with whom I trust enough to leave my children with, and I will have the very same high expectations of the staff here when your children are in our care. 

Teaching and learning is at the heart of everything we do here at Hareclive - though keeping children safe must always be our main priority. We take all aspects of Safeguarding extremely seriously. Please see our safeguarding policy below. If you have any safeguarding concerns about any aspect of the school please make an appointment to see me at the office.

I am proud to tell you that since beginning to get to know the school I have learned that Hareclive E-ACT Academy is a creative learning community where all learners feel valued, safe and happy.

At Hareclive:

We expect and nurture the best behaviour and attitudes to education – as these are central to pupils achieving academic success.

We have very high expectations of our learners- and in return we are committed to providing them with the very best environment in which to learn.

We value consideration, respect, integrity and perseverance – our values show that we place emphasis on individual achievement whilst building an awareness and understanding of others.

The school is a caring community that values personal, social, moral and emotional development as well as academic and creative achievement.

We want our children to embrace opportunities to fulfil their potential and to become responsible citizens of the future. When school and home work together we can ensure they will become independent life-long learners, able to adapt to changes and challenges they may face.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a visit to our academy – we’d be proud to show you around and I'm looking forward to meeting everybody!



Kate Richardson


Keeping Children Safe in Education

Hareclive E-ACT Academy Safegusrding Policy

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